How long does ozonation take?

Ile trwa ozonowanie?

How long does ozonation take? Ozonation of rooms is very popular, especially in the era of a pandemic. No wonder, because thanks to ozonation, you can get rid of many harmful microorganisms. However, before we decide to ozonise a hotel, office or private apartment, it is worth learning something about ozonation. It is also good to be aware of how long the ozonation of the rooms takes, because thanks to this we will know how much time you need to spend on it.

Basic information on ozonation of rooms

As already noted at the beginning, ozonation of rooms is very popular, especially in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the vast majority of us have heard about ozonation, not everyone is aware of what ozonation actually is. Meanwhile, ozonation is nothing more than a process of air purification using ozone. This gas has the ability to destroy viruses, but also bacteria that are dangerous to our health. In addition, thanks to ozonation of rooms, you can get rid of mold, fungi, and parasitic diseases.

Interestingly, thanks to ozonation, it will be possible to exterminate some rodents. It is impossible not to notice that ozonation is able to disinfect rooms without harming the natural environment. This is because ozone turns into oxygen after a few hours. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for chlorine, which is already having an adverse effect on our environment.

It is worth being aware that ozonation can be performed by a specialist, but also with the help of a home air ozonator. However, the vast majority of people outsource ozonation to an external entity. You need to be aware that the duration of the ozonation treatment depends on many factors.

How long does the ozonation process take?

Many people wonder how long it takes to ozonize an apartment or other type of space. However, this question cannot be answered unequivocally. It depends on many different factors. You should be aware that special equipment is used for ozonation. It is quite expensive equipment, which is why most people cannot afford to buy it. You have to be aware that you can ozonize not only rooms, but also specific objects.

If we ozonise, for example, shoes, it will take no more than the proverbial quarter of an hour. However, if the room is to be ozonated, the duration of ozonation will be slightly longer. It is impossible not to notice that the most time-consuming will be the ozonation of several rooms and buildings. If the entire building is ozonated, a long-term process should be taken into account. Otherwise, ozonation cannot be called effective or safe.

What else should be remembered when ozonizing rooms?

Before we start ozonizing the rooms, it would be good to find out how this process actually works. As mentioned above, ozonation involves the use of ozone to disinfect individual rooms. To carry out ozonation, a special ozonator must be placed in the room. To be able to carry out the ozonation process, animals and some plants must be removed from the room. In addition, it would be worth ensuring that people leave the room or building during ozonation. Otherwise, they may experience the side effects of ozonation.

You also need to remember to ventilate the rooms after ozonation is completed. You should be aware that ozonation is more effective if the room is at the right temperature. The optimum temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. At higher or lower temperatures, ozonation may not be as effective as we would like. Proper air humidity is also key. It should not be lower than 20% or higher than 80%. It is worth ordering ozonation of rooms to competent people who will know how to carry it out.

You should avoid commissioning ozonation to people who do not have the appropriate qualifications. Many people also wonder how much you have to pay for ozonation. This question cannot be answered unequivocally either. Why? First of all, because the price of ozonation of rooms depends on many different factors. First of all, you need to be aware that ozonation is the most expensive in large cities. In large and dynamically developing cities, the cost of living is the highest.

You should also be aware that the price of ozonation depends on what is disinfected. If one room is ozonated, the price will be lower than in the case of ozonation of the entire building. Before choosing a company that undertakes ozonisation, you should review several or even several offers. Then the probability of finding an offer that is advantageous in terms of quality and money is quite high.

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