How long do we have to wait to collect our clothes or bedding from the laundry?

Ile musimy poczekać na odebranie odzieży lub pościeli z pralni?

How long do we have to wait to collect our clothes or bedding from the laundry? We do not always have the opportunity to do laundry at home. Most often we are talking about materials that require special treatment and are not suitable for cleaning at home. However, additional difficulties arise. One of them is the huge amount of material that needs to be laundered. It rarely has to do with individuals, but more so with businesses.

Laundry services for hotels are developing at a rapid pace precisely because of the huge amounts of materials that need to be cleaned regularly. Laundry for hotels allows you to solve this remarkable problem. In addition, not every place has a place for a washing machine. Admittedly, this is not a common situation, but it happens in the case of small areas. Not all of us had the opportunity to use the laundry services. Price lists are set individually and you can provide some general information, but it will still be most effective to check it within a specific company. A less trivial question is how long does a wash take? How long will we have to wait to pick up the clothes left behind?

How long does industrial laundry take?

We can try to answer this question accurately. Of course, everything always depends on the operation of a specific industrial laundry. Remember that the differences may be due to the occupancy, for example. Laundries that are in high demand may have longer waiting times, although this is not always the case. However, it is worth giving some reference numbers. Most often, the wait for laundry services is 24 hours.

We should be aware that the clothes have to be received, laundered and then groomed, so adding a queue to this, it must take several hours. Usually, this day is sufficient time for the laundry to be sure to perform its service on time. Remember, however, that we are talking about a standard time that is typical for clothes that belong to the most typical textile clothing.

In addition, leather items of clothing (often also shoes) require the use of a special solvent. This automatically extends the waiting time and in some cases it can be up to 14 days. For non-leather, but fairly typical garments, sometimes it can also be 48 hours. This is the value we should assume.

So we shouldn’t leave it for the last moment, because we don’t always know the waiting time in advance. It is therefore worth taking care of this service in advance.

What determines the waiting time in the laundromat?

We already know how long you have to wait for services provided by laundries. But what do these values ​​mean? We mentioned earlier that the queue itself is important. Of course, there is the washing time itself, and also the maintenance period. Most often, 24 hours is enough to reconcile these factors. However, some fabrics require a longer waiting time. In such a situation, it cannot be done by traditional washing. Unobvious service extends the waiting time.

In addition, it is worth knowing that many laundries offer the service of shortening the washing time. This, of course, entails higher costs. In addition, not every laundromat offers this type of solution. Sometimes we may also receive a message about waiting two or three days. Remember to always take into account possible delays in your calculations.

What costs should be taken into account when using laundry services?

First of all, it depends on what we are going to wash at all. In the case of suits, we have to count on costs from PLN 40 to PLN 55. This is one of the most used services. We will have to bear higher costs in the case of sheepskin coats. Most often it will cost more than PLN 80. Washing a jacket costs between PLN 20 and PLN 35. This is a fairly safe range that will fit in most situations.

Curtains are relatively cheap to wash. For this purpose, from PLN 3 to PLN 6 is enough. However, it will be much more in a more difficult situation, i.e. a down quilt. This is already a cost of several dozen zlotys (e.g. 60). Among the popular options, we can also use the services of washing work clothes, skirts or wedding dresses. The latter situation is the most expensive and usually starts at PLN 140. Here, too, we are dealing with a delicate fabric, so the whole thing can also last longer.

Summary, i.e. how long does a dry cleaning take?

We will summarize the information that was presented earlier. First of all, we usually have to wait 24 hours to pick up the clothes. This is the most popular solution, but it should be assumed that this time will be in the range of 24 to 72 hours. However, there are exceptional situations in which this time will be significantly longer. First of all, it will be a situation of washing leather clothes. To this you need to add shoes or leather clothes. In such situations, it is necessary to take special measures, which can extend the time up to 14 days.

Some laundries offer a service to expedite the entire process. In this case, we have to pay extra. In addition, remember to anticipate the waiting time. Sometimes it can take a little longer, so be careful.

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