How to remove stains from carpet flooring?

Jak usunąć plamy z wykładziny dywanowej?

How to remove stains from carpet flooring? Commercial floor coverings are an excellent finish for offices and industrial premises – they are durable and easy to lay. The problem only arises when they get dirty. 

How to care for the carpet?

As it is commonly known, prevention is better than cure, and in this case – cleaning. So, first of all, we need to focus on caring for the carpet properly, and then cleaning it will not be a big problem. It starts at the stage of laying the carpet on the floor. Here, not only the right membranes are necessary, but also the correct position of the adhesive, so that the floor covering adheres fully and is laid evenly. A well-laid carpet is much easier to clean than one with numerous bumps underneath, and the edges are cut unevenly and frayed. Commercial carpets are usually available in large, square sheets, which significantly facilitates our task.

How to care for the carpets afterwards? First of all, do not wait for the carpet to get dirty. From time to time, it should be vacuumed, and optimally also washed. A well-kept carpet will simply be easier to clean.

What kind of dirt can we find on carpets?

Floor coverings are exposed to the same dirt as any other surface. The basic problems, of course, include dirt such as mud brought in on shoes, spilled drinks, spilled food. This type of dirt can be easily removed using traditional methods – using a vacuum cleaner, mild detergent and a scrub brush.

The situation is different when floor coverings are laid in larger industrial halls. There we often deal not only with muddy shoes, but also with machines. The carpet can also get dirty when some cleaning products are spilled. This can result in stains that are difficult to remove. If we expect such situations, it is best to invest in non-carpet floor coverings, but in PVC floor coverings, from which it is much easier to remove heavy dirt.

The most difficult to remove, however, are stains caused by any renovation work. Painting walls, replacing windows, thermal insulation of roofs – during these activities, stains may arise from substances that will have to be removed first to be able to get to the carpet and clean it. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to remove part of the lining and replace it with a new one. For this reason, it is always a good idea to buy more carpet than you need and keep a few extra square meters for this eventuality.

How to remove blueprints from carpet?

Before we start removing stains from the carpet to the floor, we first need to determine how the stain arose. It depends on what means we will use to remove it. Each of the available methods works on a different type of dirt, including the worst of them – grease stains and rubber stains.

How to remove greasy stains?

One of the most difficult stains to remove are stains caused by greasy substances. Logic dictates that they can be removed with an ordinary detergent based on sls – that is, for example, dishwashing liquid or strong soap. In the case of less troublesome stains, it can actually work. SLS particles stick to fat atoms and make it easy to remove them from the dirty surface with water. This is why soap so easily removes sebum from our skin, and dishwashing liquid – oil from the pan. However, in the case of spilled oils or greases on facility floor coverings, the situation may be a bit more complicated.

Alcohol will help us. These are highly concentrated alcohols, such as medical spirit. If we are afraid that it will not cope with the stain, we can add a little salt to it. For a glass of solution, one-fourth of its height should be table salt. Mix the solution thoroughly and then scrub the greasy stain with it. After the cleaned place dries, we can easily remove the dirt with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

How to remove rubber stains?

In homes and offices, the most common chewing gum can sometimes end up on the floor coverings, while facility floor coverings are susceptible to soiling due to various sticky substances, such as resins or rubber, being stepped on them. The most important thing is to remember not to scrub such stains. We will not get anything in this way, but we will only rub the dirt deeper into the carpet. Detergents often do nothing here either. So what is the way to remove the rubber from the carpet? Very simple – freeze it.

We can use both ice from a home or company freezer, as well as buy ice in the market. The amount depends on how big the stain is. Ice cubes should cover its entire surface. The ice will give the rubber its temperature very quickly, which will immediately harden and begin to crumble. After just a few minutes, we can remove the ice cubes, and the hardened rubber crust can be crushed and swept or vacuumed.

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