How much do small tattoos cost?

Ile kosztują małe tatuaże?

How much do small tattoos cost? Tattoos are becoming more and more popular every year. Until recently, they were an expression of rebellion, now they are a way to express one’s personality and have a strong connection with art. How much does a tattoo in a good tattoo studio cost? What influences its price? Find out in this article.

What does the price of a tattoo depend on?

Tattoo prices can vary greatly. It is affected by many factors, including:

– size, level of complexity of the graphics. Therefore, a minimalist and simple pattern is cheaper than a time-consuming and complicated one that contains many details. Patterns that have thin lines and geometric patterns are the most difficult. A floral pattern will also be cheaper than a portrait,

– location of the tattoo studio. The location of the tattoo studio is also of great importance, because in small towns prices are lower than in large agglomerations. The difference can be up to tens of percent.

– tattoo technique. Very complex patterns require even several hours of work. Therefore, they are much more expensive than their cheaper counterparts,

– experience, reputation, skills of a good tattoo artist. A person who is just learning can ask for lower prices. Unfortunately, rarely low price also means good quality. Meanwhile, the pattern will stay with us for life, often also in a visible place. Therefore, you should not save on this type of expenses. To find out if we are dealing with the best tattoo artist, it is worth getting opinions about him. In addition, it is also worth finding out what experience he has by learning about its implementation.

In addition, it is important to remember that the tattooing process should be as hygienic as possible. During this procedure, infection and serious complications can occur. Therefore, both the room and the tools used by the tattoo artist should be sterile clean and meet all sanitary standards. You can ask about the fulfillment of such conditions on the spot. The lack of basic hygiene rules is an increased risk of infection, as well as a problem with the subsequent healing of the wound.

How much does a small tattoo cost?

Graphics with a small size, such as on a foot, hand, wrist, calf, finger or ankle, are usually very simple. Why? The drawings, whose diameter does not exceed a few centimeters, do not show details. How much do you have to pay for such a tattoo? The cheapest are the drawings on the wrist. They can cost around PLN 300, but each additional element can increase the cost of the tattoo by PLN 30.

So how are the graphics and the smallest shapes shaped? The pattern, the size of which corresponds to the size of a coin, simple with geometric lines, costs about PLN 100. If the sides do not exceed 5 cm, it is about PLN 150. However, with an inscription that is not larger than 10 cm and contains straight lines, it costs about PLN 200.

How much does a medium and large tattoo cost?

Tattoo lovers are definitely more likely to choose medium and large tattoos. This allows you to recreate a more complex drawing that includes details. Here, first of all, those who are looking for a solution up to PLN 500 will be satisfied. Where is the best place to place this type of pattern? A medium-sized tattoo looks good on the forearm, shoulder, hip and shoulder blade. If we decide on the best tattoo studio, a professional can emphasize the muscles of the stomach or arms in this way. In turn, the graphics around the waist are great for slimming.

What is the price of an average tattoo? A simple pattern on the belly or arm, the size of which is not larger than the surface of a CD, costs about PLN 300. On the other hand, a colorful tattoo on the thigh or belly, made with the shading method, costs about PLN 400. The price is, of course, the higher, the more complicated the pattern. Therefore, a drawing full of details, requiring a lot of precision, can cost from PLN 1,500 to PLN 2,500.

How much does a large tattoo cost? Here it is worth considering that the patterns are usually colorful and intricate, which often resemble works of art. Therefore, they require talent, precision and experience. Typically, making this type of design also requires several meetings with the tattoo artist. The cost of each session can be around PLN 500. So what is the total amount? The price of a large tattoo can cost up to several thousand zlotys. Sleeve tattoos are also very popular. Like the large versions, this one also enjoys a high degree of complexity. They are usually very colorful, and at the same time have many details.

A common theme of such designs is the 3D technique, which requires a light hand for drawings from the tattoo artist, but also special skills. Therefore, the cost of such a solution ranges from PLN 2 to even PLN 7,000. The price depends, among other things, on the colors or technique used.

To sum up, small tattoos are just one of several proposals that are usually addressed to people who start tattooing and are looking for small and cheap solutions in this area. The patterns are subtle, simple and take up little space.

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