How to clean artificial flowers?

Jak wyczyścić sztuczne kwiaty

How to clean artificial flowers? Do you have artificial flowers at home, but over time their appearance ceases to be satisfactory? Unsightly spots and discolorations may begin to appear on the leaves and heads of artificial flowers, and the plants may begin to lose their original color. This is quite a natural phenomenon, which can be prevented to some extent.

Artificial plants are usually made of silicone or plastic – these materials should be properly cared for so that they do not lose their original shape and color. How to properly care for artificial flowers? You will do it very quickly and easily – in three simple steps.

Step 1 – wash off dust and other impurities

If you have decided to buy artificial flowers for a vase or decorative green flowers, you must remember to take care of them regularly. The most important step is to wipe off the accumulated dust – you can do it with a damp cloth. However, if your plants have not been cleaned regularly and require more care, the first thing you need to do is wash off any accumulated dirt. The easiest way to do this is to take the flowers to the shower and rinse them under running water.

This step is very important, because any impurities that collect on the leaves and flowers of your plant after some time can start to create unsightly spots and discoloration that will make the plant not look good. After thoroughly washing the artificial plants, it’s time to apply step 2 – getting rid of larger impurities

Step 2 – get rid of larger stains and apply conditioner

If the leaves or artificial flower heads have been covered with such a layer of dust that discoloration and stains have begun to appear on their surface, they should be removed using special chemicals available in stores with floristic accessories. Such agents will help dissolve the dirt thoroughly and ensure that the plant will not be damaged or discolored. If, however, we do not want to use special agents for this purpose, an ammonia-based glass cleaner will cope with this task – which will additionally make the plant shine.

After thoroughly rinsing and cleaning the plant, it should be dried well. It is best to do this using a dryer or exposing the flower to the sun. Do not skip this step, because the plant may get wet – and consequently, mold may appear on its surface. When the plant is completely dry, you can proceed to the steps related to its care. For this purpose, a conditioner should be applied to the leaves and flowers, which will allow them to regain their former splendor and make the color of the plant more pronounced and saturated. T

Now that your plant is completely clean and shiny, it’s time to move on to the next step – which is to keep it looking good for a long time.

Step 3 – take care of the future appearance of the flowers

Cleaned and cared for flowers look like new, but what to do to keep this effect? First of all, you need to start taking care of them regularly. Wipe their leaves and flowers from dust every few days, and several times a year wash them under running water and clean them using special detergents that you can buy, among others, in a floristic supply store. In order for your flowers to maintain a nice and impeccable appearance for a long time, it is also worth covering them with a layer of varnish. Such a layer should be on the flowers when we buy them, but sometimes plants do not have such a layer or it is destroyed in the washing and cleaning processes. Applying such a product is not a complicated process, nor will it take you much time.

However, you must remember not to skip the preparation stage and thoroughly clean and dry the plant. Otherwise, even the best-performed painting process will not bring the desired results. The result may even be the opposite of what you expect, and you may end up inadvertently destroying your artificial flowers. Such care methods will work well for flowers made of plastic and silicone. However, there are also products made of textile materials. How should you deal with them? Well, you have to take care of them in a slightly different way. The whole cleaning process looks very similar.

At the very beginning, you need to thoroughly clean the plant of accumulated dust – using a damp cloth or running water, or a bottle with an atomizer. The problem is related to proper cleaning. It is during it that your plant can be destroyed – if you do it in the wrong way. In order to prevent any damage, it is worth checking the effect of the product that we are going to use to clean artificial flowers on a small area of ​​the plant.

This step is very important, especially if we use strong detergents that can damage the plant or change its color. If no disturbing signs appear on the artificial plant, it is a sign that the preparation can be used to clean the flowers.

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