How much does roadside assistance cost?

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How much does roadside assistance cost? We have no influence on various external factors. Often random situations throw us off balance and generate costs. Such events include all kinds of collisions and road accidents. Often, bad weather conditions and poor visibility cause problems that cost us dearly. How is the roadside assistance priced? Is the arrival of a car with a tow truck associated with huge costs? What do they depend on? Do we have any influence on the price of the arrival of the tow truck? Staying here, you will learn an interesting story that could happen to each of us.

While reading it, you will learn about the average price list of roadside assistance services and a simplified workflow of assistance teams. You will also learn the recipe for reducing the cost of this service. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to continue reading!

The extraordinary story of Timothy

Tim just got home from work. He had had a hard day behind him, because the project he was working on required working overtime and contact with impatient contractors. He was terribly tired, and the caffeine poured earlier was just letting him go. He just left town. The road was empty as it always is at this time of day. While driving, he did not notice that the fuel level was appallingly low. The vehicle barely dragged. Tymek didn’t realize right away that he was running out of fuel. Eventually the car refused to go any further. Finally, our hero got the hang of it. He cursed himself for what the world stands for, because in all this heap of duties he forgot to drive to the gas station. There were only a few other vehicles passing by. He looked up the phone number for roadside assistance and called.

The car with the tow truck appeared 30 minutes after the call was made. The car was not damaged, only fuel was missing. The car was attached to the tow bar and towed to its destination. Tymek had to count on his feet. And that was not the end of his story. Misfortunes come in pairs, as the saying goes. He was soon to taste the truth of this aphorism. How does roadside assistance work at the scene of a collision or accident? In the described example, there was no damage to the car, so it could have done without a tow truck.

If the extremely tired Tymek lost control of the steering wheel and there was a collision with another road user, and the car was seriously injured, roadside assistance in Warsaw would throw the damaged vehicle onto a tow truck. In the absence of such or only minor damage, only a towbar is sufficient. Electric and hybrid cars are also placed on the tow truck. The scope of roadside assistance also includes getting the vehicle out of the ditch, if it was there during the collision.

Misfortune likes to walk in twos

Somehow Tim came home. He knew he would take time off. He didn’t see an option to get a good night’s sleep. The next day, he found out about the cost of having his vehicle towed. He grabbed his head and sat up in shock. He had to pay roughly PLN 320. Where does this amount come from? Tymek used roadside assistance services for the first time. He had never been in a similar situation. He did not know, for example, that notifications made at night and on public holidays are more expensive than standard ones by almost half. If he ran out of fuel during the day and in the city, he would pay from PLN 150 to PLN 200. This is more or less the price range characteristic of cities.

Apart from them, depending on the distance from the roadside assistance base, additional fees are charged for the distance traveled. If the collision occurred in a rural area, located 10 miles from the city, the unfortunate driver would have to pay extra for these extra miles. There is also an additional fee for getting the vehicle out of the ditch. Such situations also happen, especially during accidents, collisions with other vehicles and collisions. Tymek was unlucky because he was returning at night and stopped in a rural area, outside the city limits. This affected the shape of the account.

Fortunately, the vehicle did not suffer from this, so at least he saved on the mechanic. The man we are describing could have avoided such great costs if he had thought of it relatively sooner. As we have already mentioned, this was his first such situation and he did not consider such eventualities at all.

Could it be cheaper?

Yes of course. If Tymek had considered purchasing an appropriate insurance policy within the scope of OC/AC, his budget would not have suffered. Unfortunately, a wise Pole after the damage. What would such a policy guarantee Tymek? Well, thanks to it, depending on the options for which he would like to insure, he would avoid such high costs of towing the car. The insurer could cover some of the towing costs. At night time it would be even more advisable. The extra miles would have to be covered directly by Timothy, but just look at how small that would be compared to what he had to pay without the policy.

After the whole operation, Tymek was left without a car. As you know, he did not return from vacation. Cold and tired, with his eyes on matches, he had to hitchhike. Thanks to the purchased policy, he could use a replacement car borrowed by the insurer, thanks to which he would get to the thatched roof of his house faster. The moral of this story is that if you don’t know the day or the hour, it’s worth buying the appropriate insurance.

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