How much does a sheet metal repair cost?

Ile kosztuje naprawa blacharska

How much does a sheet metal repair cost? Every person who owns a car will sooner or later always end up in a mechanic. This is how it is with vehicles that even the best ones will fail sooner or later. It’s a bit different with a visit to a paint shop. Most of us visit a body shop and paint shop not when the first signs appear that something is wrong with our bodywork, but usually when we are sure that we will not be able to do without a visit to the body shop.

There are two exceptions to this rule, i.e. the need to repair the car after a collision or accident, and when we want to renovate an old car. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, i.e. people who regularly visit a car tinsmith, whenever they see even the slightest signs of corrosion, but these are of course a definite minority, and here we will talk about typical situations.

Why do we avoid body and paint shops?

Of course, we remind you at the outset that we avoid non-standard situations, such as renovation of old cars and post-accident repairs. The first thing that makes us not visit the tinsmith and paint shop too often is the approach to the visual aspect of our vehicle. Of course, each of us would like his car to look as good as possible, but few of us will spend more money for this purpose. Most of us drive used cars, and we assume that the car is supposed to drive, not look. In addition, we assume that the car will most likely be scrapped before it becomes necessary to interfere with the tinsmith and painter.

The two above issues are also related to another, namely the cost of body and paint services. They are of course not cheap. However, the price sometimes does not result from the fact that such a service must always be expensive, only because some damage to the bodywork could be avoided if we applied to a good tinsmith or painter in advance. Abandonment of such steps unfortunately leads to the fact that sometimes a large price will be dictated to us for the repair, and in us there is a growing conviction that a tinsmith and varnisher always costs dearly.

How much does a sheet metal repair cost?

It is very difficult to say unequivocally how much a body repair really costs. Much in this matter depends, of course, on the scope of work that the tinsmith has to do, but at the same time on which tinsmith we go to, how many of them are in the area and the reputation of the one we are going to currently. Typically, prices for services start from PLN 250 and end at several thousand. In extreme cases, when we want to perform a complete renovation of the entire body of a historic car, and the renovation is to include both body repair and painting, the price may reach up to PLN 10,000. gold or more.

Why is it so expensive?

Many people wonder why body repairs are so expensive? Many people suspect a conspiracy of tinsmiths and painters. Of course, these are all kinds of made-up theories. The price for the service of a tinsmith and varnisher is high, because his profession is difficult, requires a lot of work, and at the same time many stages of his work are costly. Let’s imagine such a thing as a small repair of corrosion in the hood of a car. In order to repair such a place, the tinsmith-varnisher must sand the place (if it turns out that it is not enough, he must cut out the place, insert a new piece of sheet metal, weld it, sand it again), then most often he must send the entire mask for sandblasting or soda blasting ( this entails costs), then he has to fill in the loss, and then varnish (this varnishing is at least several layers).

Do we have any alternatives?

Sometimes we wonder if we have any alternatives, apart from visiting a body and paint shop. Of course we have alternatives. The first is to repair the cavities yourself. If we do not care too much about the appearance of our car, and the places where we will make repairs are not particularly badly damaged, we can try it ourselves, using body putty and varnish, to get rid of rust and protect the place. The price is much lower, but the aesthetics of such a solution is also much smaller, and in addition we have to take into account that the problem may return after some time.

The second alternative is to buy used car parts and replace them entirely. This is not a cheap thing, and for example, looking for an entire door in the exact color may take us some time, but sometimes it can actually pay off. Before we go to the body shop and paint shop, it is good to check the prices on scrap yards. Currently, we do not even need to go there, just checking on the Internet, because many such places are also starting to work on the Internet, so we have access to such information almost immediately.

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