How to advertise accommodation?

Jak reklamować noclegi

How to advertise accommodation? They say advertising is the lever of commerce. It is true that well-executed advertising activities can attract many potential guests to a holiday resort, guesthouse or guest rooms for tourists. However, what to do when guests only arrive in the high season and during the rest of the year our accommodation rooms are empty? Then it is worth considering the possibility of extending the offer of our accommodation base, so that more guests can and want to use our services.

Word of mouth, or advertising from friends to friends

Running a guesthouse, hostel or private accommodation for guests and tourists from Poland and abroad is an interesting challenge. On the one hand, it allows you to fulfill yourself in many fields, it requires logistical jam, but also interpersonal skills. Creating a place where guests will want to come back, while recommending our establishment to their friends, is a real challenge. Nice atmosphere, natural surroundings, a renovated building with modern solutions are the elements that encourage and make not only our guests want to come back to us, but at the same time they are a great advertisement for family, friends or acquaintances.

So if we focus on the quality of services and guests are happy to come back to us, then one of the distribution and marketing channels – the so-called word of mouth – will function efficiently, and we will have reservations for accommodation a few months before the start of the season. However, it is impossible to omit other advertising channels, thanks to which we can reach customers potentially interested in our offer. Often guest rooms are filled to the brim during the holiday season, when many people are on vacation.

Organizing space to spend not only holidays in our resort, but also to visit us throughout the year

However, outside the peak season, we have few guests and the rooms are empty. Therefore, it is worth considering how to attract tourists also in the off-season. How can we expand our business so that guests are eager to visit us in late autumn or winter. There are many options. First of all, we must focus on the idea and organization. When it comes to the Christmas, New Year and holidays, we can create a place where families with children will come to enjoy the charms of nature. If we run a resort by the sea, then many tourists choose the mountains in winter and the possibility of using this period for entertainment on mountain slopes.

But the seaside in winter is also very charming. Walks, great organization of time for parties, games, animations for children – these types of solutions will certainly attract tourists to us also in winter. If we run a resort in a slightly larger town, it is worth offering guests a rich local offer, thanks to which everyone will certainly find something for themselves.

Social media – distribution channels of information and advertising about our resort – i.e. the use of modern solutions to reach customers

Costume parties, winter runs on the beach or even swimming for the brave. Once we have created an interesting offer for the autumn and winter period, it is time to advertise and distribute information that we are going out to customers with such a proposal. Here you should use advertising portals, social media, paid advertising, hang a visible offer on our official website. Thanks to this, guests who follow us in the media will learn that our offer is as rich in the winter as in the summer.

In addition, it is worth betting on internet marketing. Here it is great to apply to an agency that deals with building your position on the web. If we want our resort to become popular, it is worth focusing on positioning.

Advertising on the Internet – increasing the positioning of our website and reaching a wider group of customers potentially interested in our offer

When a potential guest enters the phrase accommodation and the name of our town into the search engine, then our offer will be shown as high as possible in the search results. Usually, Internet users click on the first few top-down links. Therefore, our website should be among them. Then it is possible that the guest will be interested in our offer and visit us. In this way, we will be able to expand our customer base. In addition, we can’t miss popular accommodation bases where guests search for offers.

It is on the basis of the data contained in the accommodation databases that they often decide whether to contact a given center and ask for details or not. Therefore, online marketing is particularly important – especially at the beginning of our adventure, when we are just trying to start a business, attract new guests who will want to come back to us after some time. Thanks to solid advertising, we will ensure full rooms for almost the whole year, which will ultimately also translate into our finances.

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