How much does galvanized trapezoidal sheet cost?

Ile kosztuje blacha trapezowa ocynkowana

How much does galvanized trapezoidal sheet cost? Trapezoidal sheet is a material that is quite commonly used. Most often, it is used as a roof covering for farm and industrial buildings, it is a structural element of workshop and garage walls, often the roofs of single-family houses are also covered with trapezoidal sheet. Whenever we want to use a trapezoidal sheet, we will want to estimate the initial costs that its use will entail. The price for a trapezoidal sheet, of course, depends on several factors. In a moment, we will tell you how much a trapezoidal sheet can cost and what affects its price.

What is a trapezoidal sheet?

Before we talk about what affects the price of a trapezoidal sheet and what its actual cost may be, we must explain what a trapezoidal sheet is. Many people may have heard of this material, know what it can be used for, but not necessarily know what it looks like and what it can be used for. Trapezoidal sheet is sheet metal, i.e. steel sheets that are sold in retail. In the past, trapezoidal sheet was only available in steel, but now we can also find aluminum sheet. However, aluminum sheets, due to their price, are much less frequently used than galvanized steel trapezoidal sheets.

Galvanized steel sheets are sold in very different sizes. The largest ones reach up to twenty square meters, while the smallest are sheets with an area of ​​one quarter of a square meter. Thanks to this, you can choose the sheet in the size that is most beneficial for us. The most important two features of the galvanized trapezoidal sheet are the trapezoidal embossing and subjecting the steel to the galvanizing process, which protects the steel against corrosion. Galvanizing makes the surface of the sheet cover a thin layer of corroded zinc, i.e. zinc oxide. This layer, although a product of corrosion, cuts off the layers below from oxygen and prevents further corrosion. As long as there is no visible damage to the outer layer, the steel is perfectly protected against corrosion.

Trapezoidal embossing is the most characteristic feature of trapezoidal sheet, at least from the visual point of view. This embossing is an embossed sheet, which makes the trapezoidal sheet have two features. The first one is the one that makes two overlapping sheets of metal overlap each other, which definitely facilitates laying. The second issue related to the trapezoidal embossing is such a property that the embossing causes the formation of “troughs” in the sheet. These gutters cause that water flows from the roof through them, which means that water is removed from the roof more efficiently.

What affects the price of trapezoidal sheet?

It would seem that galvanized sheet will have a fixed price. However, it is not. Let us also pay attention to the fact that we will currently get a non-galvanized trapezoidal sheet on the market, but such a purchase seems unprofitable, mainly because we will have to protect such sheet against corrosion. Most often in our scope is painting such a sheet, but the price of paint and the amount of work that needs to be done, most often makes such a sheet unprofitable to buy. But back to the merits.

The price of trapezoidal sheet is not fixed. Of course, it depends on how much material we have on the market, what is the high demand for it and the price of the raw material on world markets. These variables determine the price of steel, but not only. When we are looking for steel, we should pay attention to the fact that such steel has its own parameters and if we do not pay attention to them, we can buy steel that is theoretically cheaper, but in fact it turns out to be more expensive. The first parameter to pay attention to is the sheet thickness.

How much does galvanized trapezoidal sheet cost?

We have such an example. Two sheets with theoretically the same properties. Galvanized T18 trapezoidal sheets. One costs twenty-five zlotys per square meter, while the other costs thirty-five. We instinctively choose the former. However, we have to look at the specification, because the cheaper one has a thickness of 0.5 mm, while the more expensive one is 0.7 mm. Not much, but if you look at it, these sheets are the same price, because the amount of material used in the thicker sheet is 40% more, as is the price. Thicker sheet, however, guarantees better quality and protection. Another issue concerns the comparison of sheets from different manufacturers. They use different measurements of the width of the sheet metal.

Some use the measure of total width, and others usable width. The two widths are not equivalent and should be kept in mind. The useful width is always smaller and comparing it with the total value is pointless. It is worth adding that the usable width should always be taken into account by us to calculate the demand. Generally speaking, galvanized trapezoidal sheet costs around twenty-five zlotys per square meter of 0.5 mm thick sheet and thirty-five zlotys for 0.7 mm thick sheet.

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