How to properly remove hybrid varnish?

Jak prawidłowo zdejmować lakier hybrydowy?

How to properly remove hybrid varnish? Hybrid manicure is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the desire to take care of yourself, as well as the great convenience of such a solution. If the manicure is done well, it stays with us intact for several weeks. Usually, the reason for its removal is regrowth, not damage to the varnish.

Many people decide to do it themselves at home, because treatments in beauty salons can be too expensive. Making it at home is quite simple, but many people are discouraged by the process of downloading it, which is very time-consuming. How to properly remove hybrid varnish so as not to damage the nail plate?

What accessories do we need to remove a hybrid manicure?

Removing hybrid varnish is not as easy as the traditional equivalent. It is not enough for us only a remover, a cotton swab and a few minutes of time. Removing a hybrid requires a few accessories that are essential. All of them can be purchased at a cosmetics warehouse or an online cosmetics store. Depending on our budget and level of advancement, we can choose a basic or extended version of accessories.

In the most budget version, the accessories we will need are:

  • acetone – to dissolve the varnish
  • cotton swabs – to be soaked in acetone
  • cling film – to wrap cotton balls around your finger
  • coarse-grained files, preferably 100/180 grit
  • polishing blocks
  • a metal or wooden hoof or a stripper for removing varnish

In the extended version we can buy:

  • nail milling machine
  • hybrid clips
  • ready-made pieces of foil with cotton buds glued on

These are the products we don’t need to start with. They are only to make the whole process easier for us, but they are not necessary. It is worth buying the necessary accessories at the beginning and checking whether doing a hybrid manicure yourself is something for us or whether we prefer to give ourselves to specialists.

How to remove the hybrid step by step?

At the beginning, we need to file the top layer of varnish so that the acetone has the opportunity to work. Filing is done with a coarse-grained file. If we have a milling machine, we can use it at this point. The milling machine can also be used to remove the varnish in its entirety – omitting the next steps until the surface of the plate is leveled. If we only decide to file the first layer, the next step is to dissolve the hybrid varnish with acetone. To do this, soak cotton pads in acetone, and then apply them to the nails, wrapping them tightly with foil. Alternatively, we can use ready-made foils with cotton pads, or put clips on the cotton pads to remove hybrids. We leave them for 10-15 minutes so that the acetone has the opportunity to work. Then remove the foil or clips, and remove any remaining varnish with a metal hoof,

If there is no varnish left on the nails, all we have to do is smooth the surface of the plate with polishing blocks. The hybrid download process is now complete. For all the above activities, it is worth using good quality accessories, which will greatly facilitate our work. To save money, shop at a wholesaler of nail art supplies.

How to avoid damaging the plate when removing a hybrid manicure?

Often the first steps with self-performing a hybrid manicure are difficult. There are many mistakes when applying varnish, but also at the stage of removing it. Beginners often damage their nail plate, which has perpetuated the common myth that hybrid manicure destroys nails. In fact, it is quite the opposite, because the hybrid varnish is an additional layer that protects the plate from various external factors, and also reduces their susceptibility to damage. What damages nails is usually incorrect removal of nail polish.

Usually, at the beginning, we do it too aggressively or use the wrong products. When using files to file the top layer, be careful not to use a coarse file on the bare nail plate. Files intended for filing the nail plate have a different gradation and are specially designed for this purpose. On the other hand, those with a gradation of 100/180 are suitable only for polishing.

Also, be careful when using the grinder. Often, beginners hold the cutter in one place for too long, which causes similar mistakes as reaching with a nail file. Another mistake is soaking the varnish in acetone for too long. Calmly, 10-15 minutes is enough, and a longer time can cause drying of delicate cuticles.

Therefore, after the whole process, you should take care of proper hydration of the cuticles and hands, e.g. with the help of a special olive, and if you do not have one, then with the help of a hand cream.

Removing hybrid varnish is not the most pleasant activity when performing this type of manicure. Removing the varnish with a file is quite tiring, but it is the most budget option. However, there are many accessories on the market that can make this process easier and more enjoyable. When removing hybrids, however, you should pay attention to several important issues that will help us avoid damage to the delicate nail plate.

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