How to remove Apple ID from iPhone?

Jak usunąć Apple ID z iPhone

How to remove Apple ID from iPhone? You are planning to sell, give away or trade in your Apple equipment. Before you do this, you must first remove your Apple ID account from it – because there are all the data that you probably do not want to share with strangers, and sometimes a payment card is also attached to the account. So how do you remove an account from an Apple device? Read the instructions below to help you.

What do you need to do before deleting your account?

Don’t start deleting your account as soon as you get your new device, or even before you get it. If you want to keep all the data, you need to transfer them to your new phone and only then can you proceed to deleting the account. Remember not to manually delete items such as: contacts, photos, calendars or reminders – when you are logged in to iCloud, such actions will delete your data from the servers and delete all your devices that remain logged in to this service.

If you still intend to use an Apple device, there is an option that will help you automatically transfer all data from the previous device to the new one – the condition here is iOS 11 or newer. This feature is called “Quick Start” and works with systems above iOS 11. If you have an older device, you can use iCloud, iTunes or Finder to transfer data to the new device.

In addition, if you also change your phone number when you change your device to a new one, add it to your account as a trusted phone number so you don’t lose access. If your old phone number is no longer active or you don’t have access to it, you can generate a two-factor authentication code using your previous device.

Deleting data from the device

Once you have transferred all your data and are sure that you want to remove your Apple ID, you can proceed with the implementation. First, disconnect your phone from Apple Watch – if they remain connected, then create a backup of the device’s content. The next step is to sign out of services such as iCloud, iTunes and the App Store. In addition, if you intend to use a phone from a manufacturer other than Apple, you must deregister from the iMessage service.

Once you’ve done that, go to settings, where you’ll find the “General” option, once you’ve selected it, look for the “Reset” button, then “Erase All Content and Settings”. If the discovery service is turned on on your device, you may need to enter your Apple ID and password to access your account. If your device works with an eSIM card, select the option to erase your device and eSIM profile when prompted. You may be prompted for a device passcode or restriction passcode – enter it and then select “Erase [device name]”.

For assistance in transferring the rights to use the service to the new owner, contact the operator. However, if you do not use a SIM card with the device, you can ask the operator for help in transferring the rights to use the service to the new owner. Finally, all that remains is to remove the previous device from the list of trusted devices.

Delete data when you no longer own the device

It may also happen that you do not remove the Apple ID account from a device that is no longer in your hands. Does this mean that your data must now end up in the hands of another user? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you no longer own the device on which your account remains active, you can still delete it. However, it’s not just up to you to do so, you need to ask the new owner of the phone to erase all content and settings as described above.

Things are a bit different when you’ve used services like iCloud and Find My Phone on your device. Then you can log in to iCloud.com or use the “Locator” application on another Apple device, select the device from which you want to delete data and click the “Erase” option. Once done, click on “Remove from Account”.

There is also a risk that you will not be able to perform any of the previously presented solutions. In this case, you can only change your Apple ID password. This process will not erase the data from the device, but the new owner will not be able to access and delete it.

If you found yourself in a situation where payment cards were attached to your account, you can also remove them by logging in to iCloud.com. To do this, select the “Account Settings” option and check which devices use the Apple Pay service, then select the ones you want to remove and click the “Remove” option – it is located next to the “Apple Pay” item. Also remember to remove the previous device from the list of trusted devices.

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