What are the symptoms of ingesting an insert?

Jakie są objawy przepicia wszywki?

What are the symptoms of ingesting an insert? Alcohol withdrawal treatment can be carried out in specialized centers when medical detoxification of the body is necessary. In less extreme cases, rehab takes place at home, after the Esperal is sewn into the buttock or under the shoulder blade. Many people considering undergoing this procedure wonder what are the symptoms of overdrinking the insert.

What will happen in their body? The doctor performing the alcohol insertion gives all the symptoms and consequences of having Esperal in the body. Fear of the symptoms of overdrinking prevents the addicted person from reaching for alcohol, and gives motivation to get rid of the addiction. The drug is safe because its action is directed at an enzyme that is not involved in the functioning of other organs. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t drink alcohol.

The most frequently observed symptoms of overdrinking the insert

Esperal stitching is performed to abstain from alcohol consumption and recovery from alcoholism. The drug makes it impossible to drink not only strong liquors, since the reaction to ethanol becomes severe, accompanied by symptoms of intoxication, there is no pleasure in drinking alcohol.

Symptoms of overdrinking the insert are as follows:

  • Acute headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Tachycardia
  • Breathing disorder (becomes frequent, shallow).
  • Dyspnoea
  • The skin turns red.

Sometimes breathing may even stop or a seizure may begin. Drinking alcohol after having an incision can lead to dysfunction of various organs, such as the pancreas and kidneys. At the same time, the joints begin to ache, chronic diarrhea appears.

How does the Esperal insert work?

Esperal is a French drug whose effectiveness has been confirmed by many years of practice. The main active ingredient is disulfiram. It blocks the production of liver enzymes that break down ethanol. For this reason, even a small dose of alcohol causes a bad mood. Symptoms of overdrinking the insert are very burdensome for the alcoholic and can even lead to his death. An addicted person, in addition to the symptoms already mentioned, experiences severe dizziness, significant weakness of the body, heart rhythm disturbances, accelerated heart rate. You need to be aware of the consequences of drinking the insert.

What will an addicted person feel after drinking an insert?

If a person addicted to alcohol does not follow the recommendations of the doctor performing the Esperal insertion procedure, the symptoms of ingesting the insert may herald serious disorders of the whole organism.

The effect of this may be

  • Stroke
  • Brain swelling
  • Drop in blood pressure leading to collapse
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Convulsions.

The higher the dose of alcohol, the more pronounced these symptoms are until the onset of an alcoholic coma. The insert is used to get over alcoholism, which is why Esperal has a discouraging effect on returning to drinking.

What must an addicted person remember after stitching?

An addicted person must remember that after Esperal is sewn in, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in any form and dose. He must abandon the use of strong alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol cocktails. He is obliged to check what the dishes, drinks and products consist of, whether there is no ethyl alcohol accidentally. For example, it can be found in fermented milk products, liqueur candies, cakes soaked in cognac. Cannot take alcohol-based medications.

For the most part, these are tinctures of medicinal herbs, such as hawthorn, motherwort. However, if the addict accidentally took alcohol, drink as much fluid as possible and try to artificially stimulate the gag reflex so that the alcohol does not have time to enter the blood. Esperal is a proven drug, it is often used in the fight against alcohol addiction. Following the doctor’s recommendations will allow you to feel free again without addiction.

Specific contraindications to alcohol stitching

The preparation has several contraindications. It should not be used by people with the following diseases:

      • Drug sensitivity
      • Severe liver failure
      • Endocrine diseases.

An alcohol insert is not prescribed to pregnant women at any time or while breastfeeding. Esperal cannot be used alone, only a doctor can prescribe it and only he can choose the right dose and sew.


Drinking alcohol causes not only physical but also psychological dependence. Alcoholism has long been called a disease in which a person alone cannot and often does not want to cope with a bad habit. But today there are effective, sometimes radical measures and drugs that help to cope with a difficult problem.

Esperal is considered one of the most effective means in the fight against alcoholism. However, the symptoms of drinking the drug insert are troublesome and dangerous, which is why addicted people give up drinking alcohol. The alcohol insert is one of the most commonly used, proven, effective ways to induce persistent alcohol intolerance (even smell) in a given person and ensure complete rejection of alcohol.

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