How much does property protection cost?

Ile kosztuje ochrona mienia?

How much does property protection cost? Nowadays, it is important not only to multiply your hard-earned wealth. It is also important to protect it. However, not all of us are aware of the costs of using the services of security companies. These, contrary to appearances, are not among the lowest, but the final cost depends on several factors that are worth knowing. Who is property protection suitable for? How much will property protection cost us? What should you base your choice of security company on? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Who is property protection suitable for?

Before we start digressing on the cost of property protection, it is worth first considering who this service is worth paying attention to. There is no denying that the protection of hard-earned goods is one of those services that appeared on the market relatively early. For example, we had to deal with such a phenomenon already in the Middle Ages. The wealthy people there feared that they might lose their property as a result of the actions of third parties. Importantly, this applied to both private and joint property. Nowadays, the issue looks very similar. Property supervision is a fairly common service that many people choose.

Some people may be wondering for whom a property protection agency will turn out to be a hit. Interestingly, this applies to almost all activities that base their services on real estate. As a consequence, these can be various companies, e.g. those that specialize in the storage of goods, sorting garbage, trade, processing of plastics, distribution of parcels, organizing mass events. In practice, it means that the security agency covers 3/4 of the market in our country. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that not only property protection is offered, but also physical protection. This can be, for example, the protection of a film set or the protection of an advertising set. Each time these are well-thought-out services that are tailored to the modern needs of the market, as a result, everyone will find exactly what they are looking for.

How much will property protection cost us?

Since we already know for whom a security company is a good solution, it is worth considering for a moment how much we will pay for this type of service. First of all, we should be aware that the price list of such services depends in practice on several factors. For example, we must take into account what exactly is the subject of protection, and to what extent it will take place. It is worth quoting an example at this point to make the readers a little better aware of the exemplary costs.

The protection of the warehouse hall together with the surrounding area, where the whole area oscillates around 10,000 m2, will cost us about several dozen thousand zlotys a month. This is particularly dependent on what area is patrolled by employees. The price of monitoring installation and systems that are able to verify identity is also included. It will look completely different in the case of protecting a small cafe. Then the costs oscillate around PLN 500 per month, which is not a colossal value.

We will meet a completely different price list during the protection of a mass event. Thus, the scope of protection has a large impact on the cost of using the services. Many security companies offer escorting and physical protection. The first step is to export valuable cargo. Among them, we can distinguish a large amount of cash, works of art, precious metals, precious stones.

Interestingly, there are also companies operating internationally. In this case, the costs are very diverse. In the vast majority of cases, companies price services based on % of the value of items that are convoyed.

What should you base your choice of security company on?

For many, the issue of choosing a security company can be quite problematic. Specialists say to be guided by the company’s opinions, as well as experience and current successes. Of course, the question of the valuation of the services provided is not without significance. For example, if the price is much lower than the national average, then we should be concerned. Most often, this means that the company cannot boast of qualified employees or does not have experience in this type of activity.

Each time, you should carefully analyze the individual offers – the right choice of the company is almost a priority. After all, let’s not forget that we entrust someone with the safety of our property, and sometimes even our life. Many companies offer customers a variety of security packages – it is possible to modify them depending on your own needs. Most often, these are hybrid packages that combine the protection of private and corporate property. The choice of this type of possibilities has a positive effect on the price of packages, which is worth bearing in mind.

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