What is special about dressings with silver and how often should such dressings be changed?

Co wyjątkowego jest w opatrunkach ze srebrem i jak często takie opatrunki zmieniać

What is special about dressings with silver and how often should such dressings be changed? In pharmacies, as well as in stores with medical equipment, you will find professional dressings. There are different types of dressings that differ in their functions. In what situations is the dressing with silver used? How to put on such a dressing? How often do we have to change it? Let’s find answers to these questions.

Valuable properties

Few people know, but silver has antibacterial properties. Therefore, it has found application as a disinfectant and disinfectant. Dressings with silver have a bactericidal effect both inside the dressing itself and in the middle of the wound. Therefore, the healing process itself is strongly accelerated. Silver dressings effectively regulate the moisture inside the wound. Therefore, they create a tight barrier for bacteria and viruses.

Dressings adapt to the wound surface and do not irritate it. They do not cause any additional damage. Dressings can be used to treat various types of wounds, including diabetic foot and bedsores. Silver patches for topical treatment of infected wounds are also a great healing agent for burns up to the second degree. The offer includes not only specialized plasters, but also dressings and compresses with silver of various brands. Let’s try the best if necessary.

Incredible treatment comfort

In addition to the mechanical properties that allow secretion to the outside and ensure good ventilation of the wound, it is very important that the mesh of the dressing itself contains silver. What does this mean in practice? Thanks to its specialized construction, the dressing acts as a barrier and thus effectively supports the wound healing process itself.

However, the silver dressing has a number of other advantages that are extremely important and significant from the patient’s point of view. When it comes to the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds, a real trauma for the injured person is the mere change of the dressing. Frequent trauma to the affected areas is not only a great discomfort, but also inhibition of the healing process by damaging the newly formed tissues. The dressing with silver for wounds has a significantly prolonged effect and does not really require changing up to seven days.

What about some products that are soaked in petroleum jelly or paraffin-based ingredients unfortunately adhere to the wound. Therefore, they can cause very painful dressing changes. As for dressings with silver, which are impregnated with fatty acids, thanks to which its removal is completely painless. We must admit that, apart from speeding up the treatment process, painless dressing changes are very important to us as patients. We must also mean that the ointment covers our wound edges and thus provides protection against maceration.

When we consider the spectrum of products that are available in the treatment and care of wounds, it turns out that the silver dressing for hard-to-heal wounds is also the answer to the vast majority of patients’ needs related directly to the reduction of pain resulting from wound care. In addition, it is one of the ways to care for the right environment, which is needed to provide optimal conditions for much faster healing of the wound.

How often should the silver dressing be changed?

This question is asked very often. It is known that people who have this type of dressing want it to be replaced according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. And what do the producers say? Do they agree? Mostly yes. Most often, the dressing with silver should be replaced once a week, i.e. once every seven days. When it comes to burns, we have to reckon with the fact that we change the dressing less often. This time was set at fourteen days.

Of course, in the case of serious wounds and burns, we are under the care of a doctor. When we only have any doubts, we should go to the doctor and learn a little more about changing the dressing and other forms of care. Silver dressings are increasingly recommended by doctors. These types of dressings are not only used by us if necessary at home, but also in hospitals and clinics. It can be said with confidence that these are specialized dressings that bring really expected results.

If you notice something disturbing when changing the dressing, or if there is no healing effect, it will be safer to consult a doctor. We must be aware that sometimes the healing process does not go according to plan and some adjustments are necessary. However, such decisions can only be made by a doctor. There’s no other way. Let’s remember this and know that all important decisions are made by the doctor. Sometimes it’s just that supportive pharmacological treatment is also necessary. The worst thing we can do is experiment with the wound ourselves and delay going to the doctor.

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